Iron Fence (taxes and shipping extra)
Ornamental iron fence with solid 1/2" pickets, three six foot wide sections approx 36" high plus gate and one round post. Package price of $800, delivery extra

Aluminum Fence(taxes and shipping extra)
Ornamental Aluminum

Home Builders Show Sales Items

*****Aluminum Fence Sections*****

DELGARD SECTIONS-Residential grade 5/8" pickets, unless noted (POSTS Extra)
PRICE $35.00/6' wide SECTION-materials price only, ask about getting it installed!!!

Madison Aluminum Fence  3 sections - 60" BARCELONA Bronze (NEW) Staggered picket top
Rockingham Aluminum Fences  4 sections 48" DORIA Bronze (2NDS)
  8 sections 48" DORIA Green (2NDS)
  4 sections AERO 48" DORIA Green (2NDS)


Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence  3 sections 36" ELBA Black (2NDS)
  2 sections 42" ELBA Bronze (2NDS)
11 sections 48" ELBA Green (2NDS)
  3 sections 72" ELBA Bronze (2NDS)


Aluminum Fencing in Saratoga 1 section GUARDIAN ELBA Bronze (2NDS)

 1 section GUARDIAN ELBA Black (2NDS)


4' high Flat Top Black x 8’ wide On Guard aluminum fence (Industrial grade – starling style)  
13 sections or 104 lineal feet $109/section 10 ea 2-1/2” line posts $49/post
  6  ea 2-1/2” corner posts $49/post  

PA residents add 6% sales tax  
FREE freight within 30 miles of Harrisburg, PA.  Outside 30 miles, freight extra.”  

6' high open, aluminum pressed spear picket top (Ameristar ACB4728), Black ¾” pickets 6' high X 8' wide sections, assembled  
24 sections or 192 lineal ft. $219/section 11 sections assembled 13 kits. assembly extra.  
9- 93" posts available at $40/post
24-10' posts available at $49/post  

PA residents add 6% tax. 
Free delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg outside, freight extra

54" Flat Top Pool Code Aluminum fence, Color:  Bronze slightly dinged and scratched  
21 sections 126 Lineal Ft.  $40/section  
1 Gate Straight top 54" hi X 36" wide  $140
1 Gate Straight top 54" hi X 48" wide  $175 2” posts extra @ $20 each.  

PA residents add 6% sales tax.
Free Delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg otherwise, freight extra.

48” high pressed picket top,  pewter/dark bronze color  
7 sections at $49/section
4 – 2” line posts $16/post
3 – 2” end posts $16/post  
additional posts available $18.50/post  

PA residents add 6%
Free delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg outside, freight extra

48” High Aluminum Dog Fence Flat Top Black   
5 Sections x 6’ wide at $89/section. 
Posts $18/post  

PA residents add 6% sales tax. 
Free delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg otherwise, freight extra

1- Ornamental aluminum gate 4’ high x 4’ wide,
Spear Top – color - white  
Includes self-closing Hinges
Latch extra  
List Price $249, BLOWOUT price $175. 
PA residents add sales tax.  
FREE delivery within 30 miles of Harrisburg.  Otherwise, shipping extra.  

$70.00 PER SECTION (reg. $110.00)

  2 sections 32" INSBRUCK Black (2NDS)
sections 48" INSBRUCK Black (2NDS)

Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence$70.00 PER SECTION (reg. $120.00)

  6 sections COMM 48" STRATFORD Black (NEW)
sections 48" STRATFORD Black W/ CIRCLES (2NDS)


Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence  3 sections - S48BL STYLE (2NDS) $25.00 EACH

All prices plus tax.

Saratoga Ornamental Aluminum Fence8 sections of 4' high Hunter Green Delgard (Elba) Fence available, $50.00 each. They are brand new still in box, buy one or buy all, shipping extra


42" high commercial grade Kingsford ornamental aluminum fence, 10 ea 42" h x 72" wide sections (BRONZE) @ $120.00 each, shipping FREE if East of the Mississippi River

Elite (Commercial)
   1 5/8" x 1 5/8" Cross Bars
   1" Square x .065" Thick Spindles
   2 1/2" Posts (Line, Corner, End, Three-Way and Gate)

18 feet (3 sections) of 3' high Delgard Black Elba (Saratoga style) fence with posts, priced at $51.00 per section and $14.00 per post OR $10.88 per foot!!!! Shipping is extra


VARIOUS Delgard sections, gates and posts - all residential - black, bronze and green. CALL 866-525-9288 if you just need a section or a gate!!!!

NEW *** 66 feet of 48" high Delgard Black Innsbruck Aluminum Fence (2" opening) priced at $101.00 per section and $15.89 per post. Shipping extra.

Driveway Gates(taxes and shipping extra)
Monumental Iron Works Imperial style gate 18' wide double swing gate x 8' high-commercial grade. Price $1,500 plus shipping. Posts extra.

PVC Products(taxes and shipping extra)
6’ high PVC Dogwood Style Haven Series fence, Color:  Wicker 1-3/4” x 5-1/2" rail fence with finished height of 70"  X 8' long sections  
17 sections or 136 Lineal Ft.  $119/section, regular price $164.
5” Posts made to order  $32/post.  

PA residents add 6% sales tax. 

FREE delivery within 30 Miles of Harrisburg otherwise, shipping extra.

2 ea PVC Gates Wicker Color (dark tan) 6' High X 4' Wide $165/gate fits 48” wide opening.  

Price includes self-closing Hinges and pad-lockable Latch  

Shipping extra or pick up in Elizabethtown, PA.   PA residents add 6% sales tax

Leftover or once hung gates (at half off new pricing)

Tongue and groove privacy, Gates
Various widths 3 or 4 ft. Wide x 6 ft. High.

Colors both tan and white. @ $100 ea While they last!

QTY of 2 available, 48"-42" high, 8' long, wide space scalloped, wide picket, white pvc fence @ $50 per section

New posts are $15 ea.


Prices do not include delivery!

WOOD Products (taxes and shipping extra)
1x4x6 Gothic topped Western Red Cedar pickets @ $2.50 each.
Pickets are once hung and have nail holes.
Qty of 475 available.


(130 available) 1x6x5 western red cedar pointed top pickets

(30 available) 1"x6"x39" western red cedar plaint  top pickets

$1.50 each

**Pricing does not include delivery.
Wood pickets can not be shipped via common carrier due to the cost, pickets must be picked up in Harrisburg, PA or can deliver within a 1 hour radius.

CHAINLINK Products(taxes and shipping extra)



CHAIN LINK Windscreen