PVC Privacy Panel Cutting
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CAUTION: This manual is for residential fence only. All fence and gates must be installed to conform with B.O.C.A. Specifications and/or local building code regulations.


NOTE: Local municipalities may require a setback from property line to fence line, otherwise, it is recommended to be 2” inside the property line. It is important to find out all the requirements before installing your fence.

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Cutting Board Privacy Section

  1. Measure the distance between posts of the ‘shortened’ section.
  2. Cut the rails 5" longer than the distance between posts.
  3. Determine the number of boards needed by:
    Taking the distance between posts and divide by 3 (for 3’ boards)
    Taking the distance between posts and divide by G (for G’ boards)
    (If there is a remainder- the end board may be rip cut to the needed
    width. A ¾” thick wood filler may need to be inserted for rigidity.)
  4. Remove unneeded boards and install section.